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Hello, good evening, and welcome.

About 2 months ago, I parted ways with my then employer and decided that rather than jump right back into the frying pan, I’d take some time off to do something I’ve long wanted to do:  Build a boat.

My original intent was to do this single handedly.  In retrospect that would have been the height of foolishness and hubris.  Fortunately – very fortunately, in fact – my father stuck up his hand and suggested that he would very much like to participate in this enterprise.  I jumped at the offer.

It’s a rare thing to get to spend that much time working on a project with your dad, especially once you’ve both reached an age and place in life where you can appreciate it.  We’re both having a ball.

Over the past month and a little bit, we’ve made great progress on the project.  We’ve also discovered that every time we speak about this effort to anyone the universal reaction is that people want photos and regular updates.  And so, somewhat belatedly, I’m setting up this blog to provide that in a more manageable fashion.

I’ll back-fill with a few posts that attempt to get you to where we are now.  It won’t be a complete play-by-play, but you’ll get the idea.  From here forward, I hope to make this a more complete chronicle.

I hope you enjoy following our triumphs and trials as two novice boat builders figure it all out.