Well, team, it’s been a rough couple of days.

For starters, I’ve found (and fixed) a bunch more places where layer one and two didn’t bond properly.  I’m pretty sure I’ve found them all at this point, but it just makes me nervous.  I’ll be using a lot more staples on layer 3.

Which brings us to… the delays getting layer 3 started.

This really is a two person job, and my dad needed to go to Tahoe for a couple of days.  That ended up getting extended a few more for some really good reasons.  Now we’re ready to get started again, but I tweaked my knee two days ago and am currently laid up on the sofa doing the RICE thing. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation).  Pretty sure it’s a tear in the MCL, but who knows.  Anyway, this is a major issue given how much kneeling and squatting one has to do to install a layer of planking.

And finally, while my dad was away I did some trimming of the overhanging planks to get them to their “correct” size, at which point I discovered that at the bottom of the overturned hull (ie, the top of the hull) there are some pretty flared places in the planks that need to be filled with resin.  For gravity to be on our side in that process, we’ll have to turn the hull over, which means the hull is going to get planked, turned, fixed, turned, glassed and painted, and then turned back over.  This is extra work, but completely necessary.  Sigh…

No photos for now, there’s nothing new that’s photo-worthy.

More as it happens!


One Thought on “Grumble

  1. Mike Pyne on July 17, 2013 at 4:43 pm said:

    I think their must be a ezer way to fill the voids between the shear and planking of your boat. I have a similer spot like that on my boat. I plan to tape the bottom and inject epoxy in a one hole till it comes out another hole at the top of the void. How wide is the area? How deep is it? Hit me up I’m building the same boat.

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