Locked out.

So, my dad refuses to get in his rather old, rather dirty truck wearing his boat building clothes.  He fears it will get his car dirty.  At the beginning of each day, he changes clothes in the parking area in front of the shop.  At the end of the day, he changes back.  It’s important to make sure your doors aren’t locked when you put your clothes inside the car – with your keys in your pocket – and close the door.  Otherwise you might end up sitting in your underwear in the bed of your truck, talking to AAA on your son’s phone.

But I digress…

We’ve been making good headway of late, though sadly I haven’t done a very good job of taking pictures.  The teak coverboards are almost fully fabricated at this point.  Just a bit more futzing about and they’ll be ready for varnish.  Very, very exciting.  Here’s a photo from a week or so ago.  They’re much more evolved at this point.


We’ve also laid up the roof of the pilot house.  Or at least we’ve partly laid it up.  We built a form for the curve and bagged 1″ balsa to the bottom sheet of 1808 glass.  We need to route channels for the wiring through the top and install some hard points, and then we’ll put the top glass on.  Here are a few photos of all the “furniture” in the boat with the top on.

Oh, and I couldn’t find a bow eye I thought looked good, so I machined one.  It’s not perfect – there are some lumps and bumps I wish weren’t there – but it’s a lot better than what I could buy.


That’s it for now.  Starting to feel like the home stretch.




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