The console is off to the painter.  This thing was more work than expected, but I’m pretty happy with the result.  Lots of inside corners = way too much annoying detail sanding.  My dad and I took turns and we’re both pretty burned out on it at this point.

One of the most difficult tasks was getting the edge of the top to look sufficiently fair all the way around.  At the end of the rounding / glassing process it was pretty wavy and it took several days of adding compound, shaping, sanding, and repeating before it looked right.  This was especially tricky because the recesses for the nav lights created bulges in the front corners that needed to feather in nicely, and also because the top starts tapering half way through its length.  It’s done though.  Or at least done enough that the painter can shoot some high build on it and deal with whatever remaining details show up after that.

Here are a couple of shots.  The holes in the roof are for cable routing through the interior channels, and will get covered with polished stainless plates later on.  I’ve also included an old SketchUp rendering of the concept drawing.


Getting closer!



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